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Mi Familia de Mi Tierra Grand Opening

¡Buen Provecho! Our newest restaurant, Mi Familia de Mi Tierra, is opening on November 19 at 11:30 a.m.

Mi Familia will be open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with menus that reflect the most popular dishes from La Familia Cortez’s restaurants, alongside new, chef-inspired dishes and family-style offerings. In the panadería, guests can expect to find pan dulce and Mexican candy from Mi Tierra’s world-famous bakery alongside a full-service coffee bar.

Mi Tierra’s beloved Mariachi Bar will also be making an appearance on the north side. Featuring a stately bar that evokes the best of Mexico, Mariachi Bar at the RIM will serve craft cocktails alongside classic Mexican beers and margaritas and special programming to include live music and mariachis.

The restaurant’s decor will showcase La Familia Cortez’s rich cultural traditions including altars, Christmas lights, piñatas and hundreds of family pictures. In addition to contemporary art from local San Antonio artists and Mexico, Mi Familia will also feature a mural by Roberto Ytuarte, that will take more than a year to complete. The mural will invoke images of Zona Cultural, bringing La Familia Cortez’s roots of El Mercado and the west side of downtown to their new home on the north side. In the future, La Familia Cortez also plans on hosting cultural programming, events and workshops at the restaurant that will promote authentic, Latino culture.

In deciding upon the name of the new restaurant, it was important to the Cortez Family to pay homage to Mi Tierra while also bridging the overarching company’s spirit of familia, resulting in “Mi Familia.” The word familia in and of itself is powerful in San Antonio, but when you add “Mi” it becomes magical. By adding “Mi” to “Familia,” you are uniting your family and creating your own connections—whether it’s relatives, coworkers, classmates, or even Spurs fans, each of these groups becomes “mi” familia.

The true meaning of Mi Familia is about turning every meal into an opportunity for family, friends and acquaintances to celebrate the important things in life, both the big and small, the good and bad. Around a table more than just food is shared; a deep bond is created. Romances are formed, loved ones are mourned, accomplishments are celebrated, and most of all, memories are made. At Mi Familia, everyone is invited to gather around the table because here Mi Familia es Su Familia.